Mask Case



Meet: The Umby Mask Case! Machine washable and water-resistant, the pouch holds up to two masks so you always have a spare on hand!

This chic pouch clips onto your bag or a backpack and keeps your mask organized, clean and readily on hand. You can even clip some hand sanitizer on the strap! Traveling as a family? You can string multiple pouches together to keep your masks organized and handy.

The Umby Mask Pouch is on a dual mission: To promote community health and to support one year of insurance to a family in need. Together we can make families and communities more resilient!


ECO-FRIENDLY: Made with a nylon fabric interior made from recycled plastic bottles.

MACHINE WASHABLE: You can go ahead wash it along with your masks.

WATER RESISTANT: The water resistant case is durable and easy to clean.

MULTI FUNCTIONAL: The strap can clip to a bag and can hold multiple cases together.

*Size: 5in x 5in