Gorongosa Lion's Blend (Espresso) | 12oz Bag

Our Gorongosa


Lions are the pride of Gorongosa. This smooth espresso roast with notes of almond butter and dark chocolate represents our hope for people, wildlife, and the planet in Gorongosa National Park.

100% of the profits from every bag of coffee support girls' education, wildlife conservation, and rainforest reforestation in Gorongosa National Park.

    This specialty blend includes Gorongosa Green, grown in the heart of Gorongosa National Park, combined with other sustainably-sourced Arabica coffee beans.*

    Roast: Espresso
    Bean Type: 100% Arabica
    Origin: Mozambique, Congo, Rwanda
    Processing: Natural, Washed
    Weight: 12 oz

    *Note: Lion's Blend is a finer grind and is ideal for a home espresso machine or Moka pot brewing