Dominique's Duo | 2 x 12oz Bags

Our Gorongosa


This duo is inspired by elephant researcher Dominique Gonçalves. A native Mozambican, Dominique grew up near Gorongosa National Park and started its Elephant Ecology Project. She often visits the Park's Girls' Clubs to inspire other young women to follow their dreams.

100% of the profits from every bag of coffee support wildlife conservation and girls' education in Gorongosa National Park.

    Each specialty blend includes Gorongosa Green, grown in the heart of Gorongosa National Park, combined with other sustainably-sourced Arabica coffee beans.

    Roast: Light and Medium
    Bean Type: 100% Arabica
    Origin: Mozambique, Colombia, Uganda, Brazil, Peru
    Processing: Natural, Washed
    Size: 2 x 12 oz bags