Be Sunshine Umbrella



Our signature umbrella, Be Sunshine, is beautifully crafted to be innovative in purpose and function. With a waterproof case, lined with micro-fiber enhanced towel, Umby can be stored in your bag wet or dry.

This umbrella is on a mission: to bring sunshine to all your rainy days and support a family in need with one year of insurance.

Made with a recycled frame and windproof canopy, throw it in your bag and be your ready for whatever adventures your day brings!


ECO-FRIENDLY: Made with bamboo handle, recycled aluminum frame, and recycled plastic canopy.

VENTED WINDPROOF: Unique vented canopy allows wind to escape making the umbrella windproof.

WATERPROOF CASE: The microfiber towel lined case is waterproof and allows you to carry your umbrella wet or dry.

UV PROTECTION: The durable and recycled canopy provides UV protection so you can enjoy this umbrella in sun and rain.

*Closed Length: 13in; Canopy Arc: 43in