1000 Sahojas Package - Nonrefundable (FOR MEMBERS ONLY)



Our currency of kindness helps YOU spread kindness! The reality is that capitalism as it stands has created inequalities that perpetuate poverty and has made a few very, very wealthy. Sahoja is about alleviating poverty and introducing a new type of capitalism that benefits the many and not just the few.


Get more Sahojas here so you can donate to our Impact Projects, or hold them to benefit from future value increases. Every donation you make to an Impact Project helps change the world for the better.


This is available to SAHOJA MEMBER'S ONLY because they can only be deposited into a Sahoja member's digital wallet. Let's change the world together.


For more information about Sahojas, see How Sahojas Work. (No discounts apply to the purchase of Sahojas, and they are not refundable or exchangeable.)

*Minimum purchase 5000 Sahojas